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Human Development, World Soul and World Spirit - Part One: Man as a Body-Soul Being in His Relationship to the World

Man in His Connection with the Cosmos, Volume V

Thirteen lectures, Stuttgart 16 June, Berne 28 June and Dornach 24 June to 17 July 1921.

Contents (selection)

The nature of hallucination, phantasy and imagination / The bridge between the moral and the natural world / The regularity within the earthly world, the cosmic world, the world soul, the world spirit / Man and the elements / Spiritual knowledge of the organs. Rational Therapy / Life between Death and New Birth / Man as a Thought Being / The Will System of Man and the System of Breathing and Pulse Rhythm / Maya and Being / Thinking, Feeling, Wanting. The Muspilli Poem / The Birds, the Mammals and the Tripartite Man / Man and the Hierarchies



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