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The Bridge between the World-Spirituality and the Physical of Man. The Search for the New Isis, the Divine Sophia

Man in his connection with the Cosmos, Vol. II.

Die Brücke zwischen der Weltgeistigkeit und dem Physischen des Menschen. Die Suche nach der neuen Isis, der göttlichen Sophia

Der Mensch in seinem Zusammenhang mit dem Kosmos, Band II

Sixteen lectures, Dornach 26 Nov. to 26 Dec. 1920, Bern 14, Basel 23 Dec. 1920.

Under various thematic aspects, it is very forcefully explained here how the problems of this century cannot be solved with material-technical forces, but only from changed spiritual-moral approaches.

Contents (selection)

The formation of the human form from the interaction of cosmic and earthly forces / Man as a creative element in the cosmos / The connection of the natural with the moral-soul / The wandering of the souls through the cultures on the paths of their re-embodiment / Old and new methods of initiation / How does the soul-spirit live in the physical of man? / The Moral as the Source of the Creative World / The Christmas Mystery. Shepherd piety and star wisdom of the magicians / The Isis legend and its renewal for today. The divine wisdom Sophia / The secrets of the starry sky and the human interior.



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