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Polarities in the Evolution of Mankind: West and East - Materialism and Mysticism - Knowledge and Belief

Gegensätze in der Menschheitsentwickelung: West und Ost – Materialismus und Mystik – Wissen und Glauben

Eleven lectures, Stuttgart 5 March to 22 November 1920.

Contents (selection)

The different dispositions of the Asiatic and European populations / The change of consciousness in social life. The development of the earthly empires / Western secret societies, Jesuitism and Leninism, three initiatory currents of the present / Materialism and mysticism / The opposition of knowledge and faith and its overcoming / East, Centre and West and the social threefoldness / The transition from the Luciferic to the Ahrimanic age and the coming Christ event.


  • Rudolf Steiner: Polarities in the Evolution of Mankind: West and East, Materialism and Mysticism, Knowledge and Belief, Anthroposophic Press 1987, ISBN 978-0880105569


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