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Spiritual and Social Changes in the Development of Humanity

Geistige und soziale Wandlungen in der Menschheitsentwickelung

Eighteen lectures, Dornach 9 January to 22 February 1920.

In these lectures, Rudolf Steiner deals not only with current issues and history, but also with fundamental questions of spiritual science. The last three lectures are devoted to the historical development of imperialism.

Contents (selection)

The significance of the science of initiation / The life facts of illusion and evil / Knowledge of man through knowledge of the world / The Goetheanum as representative of an ideal-realism / Is the "threefold structure of the social organism" politics? / On the work of individual personalities in history / The intervention of spiritual realities for practical life through spiritual science / Changes in the needs of social life / Relationships of the higher soul faculties of man to the spiritual world / On the historical development of France, Germany and England and of imperialism.



References to the work of Rudolf Steiner follow Rudolf Steiner's Collected Works (CW or GA), Rudolf Steiner Verlag, Dornach/Switzerland, unless otherwise stated.
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