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The Inner Aspect of the Social Riddle. Luciferic Past and Ahrimanic Future

Der innere Aspekt des sozialen Rätsels. Luziferische Vergangenheit und ahrimanische Zukunft

Ten lectures in Zurich, Bern, Heidenheim and Berlin between 4 February and 4 November 1919.

The lectures contain in-depth explanations of the necessity of the threefold idea inaugurated in 1919. Rudolf Steiner also points out the necessity of a changed attitude of mind.

Contents (selection)

The human being as the centre of the universe / The social question as a problem of humanity as a whole / Earthly spiritual life and pre-natal existence / The tripartite nature of sensual and supersensual life. The abuse of spiritual faculties as a cause of disease in social life / On the causes of the first world war / The interest of the three next higher hierarchies in human beings. The prophetic education / The relationship of man to his angel in sleep. The spiritual battles between East and West / Pagan and Jewish culture. The incarnation of Lucifer and the preparation of the incarnation of Ahriman. The Sense of the Diversity of the Four Gospels



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