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How can Humanity Find the Christ Again? The Triple Shadow existence of our Time and the New Christ-light

Wie kann die Menschheit den Christus wiederfinden? Das dreifache Schattendasein unserer Zeit und das neue Christus-Licht

Eight lectures, Basel 22 December 1918, Dornach 24-31 December 1918 and 1 January 1919

Contents (selection)

The Birth of the Christ in the Human Soul (Christmas Lecture) / The Coming of Christianity into the Development of the Earth / Equality, Freedom and Brotherhood. The Gnostic Wisdom / Christianity and the Mysteries of Pre-Christian Times / The Change in the Constitution of the Human Soul / Conscious Emergence of the Spiritual and Soul from the Physical and Sacred through an Inner Experience / New Year's Eve Sensation. Our life in connection with the world as a whole / New Year's outlook



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