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The Polarity of Duration and Development in Human Life. The Cosmic Prehistory of Humanity

Die Polarität von Dauer und Entwickelung im Menschenleben. Die kosmische Vorgeschichte der Menschheit

Fifteen lectures, Dornach 6 September to 13 October 1918.

Contents (selection)

Augustine and Cartesius. Moon and Sun. Auguste Comte and Schelling / The Essence of Sleep. The Power of Ideals / The Eighth Sphere. Time in historical becoming / Fatalism and dualism. Intuition, prophetic vision, apocalypse / The willing and the thinking human being / The law of vibrations / Spiritual science as a bridge between natural order and spiritual order. The law of polarity / Semitic and Greek culture / Resurrection and birth / The ghostly nature of natural science. The significance of the year 666 / The Academy of Gondishapur. Natural rhythms and rhythms in a new technology / The year 333. Rome in the time of Augustus and the Catholic Church.



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