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Central Europe between East and West. Cosmic and Human History, Volume VI

Mitteleuropa zwischen Ost und West. Kosmische und menschliche Geschichte, Band VI

Twelve lectures, Munich13. Sept., 3 Dec. 1914; 23 Mar., 29 Nov. 1915; 18, 20 Mar. 1916; 19, 20 May 1917; 14, 17 Feb., 2, 4 May 1918

Contents (selection)

The spiritual background of the outbreak of war / On different national souls / Tasks and destinies of the various European peoples / Night-death experiences of the soul / The nature of the Russian man. H. P. Blavatsky / The Human Elements and the Realms of Nature / The Discipleship of Humanity / Brotherhood, Equality, Freedom / Intercourse with the Deceased / The Spiritual Struggle of Michael. The Deeper Causes of the World Catastrophe / Tasks of Education Today



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