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Reflections on Contemporary History. The Karma of Untruthfulness - Part Two. Cosmic and Human History, Volume V

Zeitgeschichtliche Betrachtungen. Das Karma der Unwahrhaftigkeit – Zweiter Teil. Kosmische und menschliche Geschichte, Band V

Twelve Lectures, Dornach 1 to 30 January 1917

Contents (selection)

The Karma of Untruthfulness. Poisonous effects in the higher human nature / Nationalism, imperialism, spiritualism / Tragedy and guilt in the affairs of nations / The subconscious soul impulses in man. The Unleashing of the Ego / The Past and Future of Europe. The Karma of the Centre / The Destructive Power of Untruthfulness in the Intercourse between the Living and the Dead. The working out of spiritual science / The threefold structure of man in its connection with life after death / Sleep consciousness and after-death consciousness. Group egoistic occult impulses / Measure and number. The Platonic World Year. Goethe's Studies on the Breathing of the Earth / Ancient Wisdom and the Etheric Clairvoyance of the Future.



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