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The Karma of Man's Profession in Connection with Goethe's Life. Cosmic and Human History, Volume III

Das Karma des Berufes des Menschen in Anknüpfung an Goethes Leben. Kosmische und menschliche Geschichte, Band III

Ten lectures, Dornach 4 to 27 November 1916

Contents (selection)

Goethe's Life as a Spiritual Phenomenon / The Rhythm in Goethe's Life / The Relationship of Creative Activity and Occupational Work to the Overall Development of the Earth. Jakob Böhme / Profession and Office. Psychoanalysis. The fateful shaping of life. The members of the human being's being in their significance for occupational karma / Impulses of heredity and impulses of earlier earth lives / The life of Galileo Galilei in the light of the question of fate / The de-divinisation of the word. James Watt. Modern technology as demonomagic / Ancestor worship, Polytheism, Monotheism and the Mystery of Golgotha. Lucifer and the Mystery of the Moon. Mithras and Christ



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