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The Riddle of Man. The Spiritual Background of Human History. Cosmic and Human History, Volume I

Das Rätsel des Menschen. Die geistigen Hintergründe der menschlichen Geschichte. Kosmische und menschliche Geschichte, Band I

Fifteen lectures, Dornach 29 July to 3 September 1916

Contents (selection)

The Decadent Genius (Otto Weininger). Distorted Images of Imaginative Knowledge / Being in Nature and Mental Life in Man / Uranos and Gäa. The passing on of one incarnation into the next / Man, a double being / Wisdom, beauty and goodness. Imaginative and psychic physiology / Human cognition in its cosmic significance / The twelve sensory districts and the seven life processes / Enlivenment of the sensory processes and the soulisation of the life processes / The impotence of the modern criterion of truth / Memory and habit / The engraving of thoughts in the world-substantiality / Physical organisation of man and technical inventions / Inauguration of idol-science and materialism by Francis Bacon.



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