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Ehrenfried Pfeiffer (1899-1961)

Ehrenfried Pfeiffer (* 19 February 1899 in Munich; † 30 November 1961 in Spring Valley, NY USA), was an anthroposophically oriented chemist, biochemist and pioneer of biodynamic agriculture. The copper chloride crystallisation according to Pfeiffer and the method of the round filter chromatogram goes back to him.

Life and work

Pfeiffer grew up in Nuremberg. He studied chemistry in Basel and came into contact with anthroposophy there. At the age of 21 he installed lighting respectively stage lighting in the carpenter's workshop at the first Goetheanum, then in the Goetheanum itself, so that it was suitable for eurythmy performances (now on display in the Salzburg Museum for Stage Technology). He lit the eurythmy performances until Rudolf Steiner's death in 1925 and recorded many of the performance director's details on the use of light for posterity. At times he also became Steiner's driver.

In 1925, together with Erica Sabarth, he developed the copper chloride crystallisation method, which is one of the image-creating methods of anthroposophy. On a cold winter's day he is said to have observed how the steam from a hot coffee cup and a hot tea cup at the window produced different ice crystals. With the method one can - if one has had long practice - prove to what degree food has vitality (by examining the images that the crystals form when they come together with plant juices or blood preparations). In 1938-40, Pfeiffer emigrated to the USA via France. In 1939, he received an honorary doctorate of medicine for his cancer research. In the USA, he developed a method for composting urban waste and conducted research in the field of organic farming and maintained a biodynamic model and research farm. In 1956 he became professor of biochemistry.


Biodynamics in farming and gardening


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