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Chthonic gods or Chthonioi (GreekΧθόνιοι θεοί, Χθόνιοι; from chtonios χϑόνιος "belonging to the earth", also meaning "underground", "belonging to the underworld"), also called lower gods by Rudolf Steiner, work - in contrast to the upper gods such as Apollo - through the earth's depths. They include the Titans, who were plunged into the underworld by Zeus. Demeter and Hecate were also given the epithet ἡ χϑονία - the subterranean. Dionysus also belongs to the chthonic gods, who were therefore also worshipped by name in the Dionysian Mysteries, and likewise also underworld gods such as Hades. The Cabiri of Samothrace are also chthonic gods.

To be initiated into the secrets of the lower gods, the student of the spirit had to descend into the underworld or into his own inner being, i.e. into the microcosm. The upper gods, on the other hand, can be known by extending one's consciousness into the macrocosm.

On the relationship of the upper gods to the lower gods, Rudolf Steiner gave Ernst Stegemann around 1907 the meditation "Liebe trag ich im Wesenskern" (Love I carry in the core of my being) (Lit.:GA 267, p. 447):

Die obern Götter wirken in der

die untern Götter wirken
in der Liebe

Liebe trag ich im Wesenskern
Hoffnung heg ich bei jeglichem Tun

Upper Gods
GA267 447.gif
Lower Gods

The upper gods work in the

the lower gods work
in love

Love I carry in the core of my being
Hope I cherish in every action

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