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The Slavic man with double, angel and centaur. Detail from the ceiling painting of the small dome of the first Goetheanum.

The Slavic culture (3573 - 5733 A.D.) will be the future sixth post-Atlantean cultural epoch and will be devoted above all to work on the spirit self of man. This will create the basis for a worldwide culture of brotherly love as a counterbalance to the likewise increasing egoism. According to an explanation of Rudolf Steiner handed down by Elise Wolfram, the inspirer of this cultural epoch is Master Morya (Lit.:GA 264, p. 205). The Slavic cultural epoch will be the actual Age of Aquarius, the vernal equinox will then have entered the sign of Aquarius. This culture will emanate from the West-Asian peoples and the advanced Slavs and will spread from there over all mankind and form the germ of the future 6th main age . The Knights Templar already pointed out that Christianity would blossom in this cultural epoch.

„The Knights Templar had brought the initiation wisdom of the Holy Grail from the Orient to the mountain of salvation, Mons salvationis, the place of initiation of Christianity. An initiation ceremony pointed directly to the future of the whole human race. It was said: A time will come when Christianity will experience a new phase. - From time immemorial, the progress of human spiritual culture has been consciously designated according to the progress of the sun. Before 800 B.C., the sun passed through the constellation of Taurus for about 2200 years. Over in Asia, the bull was worshipped as the divine. Even before that, for the same reason, Gemini was worshipped in Persia: good and evil, the duality. Around 800 BC, the sun entered the sign of the Aries or Lamb. The legend of Jason and the golden fleece points to this. Christ calls himself the Lamb of God because he appeared in this sign. [Today the sun is in the sign of Pisces.] The Templars point to the next constellation; the sun will then enter the constellation of Aquarius. That is when Christianity will really rise, when paganism will be united with Christianity. This culture will raise a new John. That time will come when the sun will be in the sign of Aquarius. John is called Aquarius; he will be the herald of a new age of Christianity. It is said that the Knights Templar referred to John the Baptist, not Christ. But the John of whom they speak is the Aquarius.“ (Lit.:GA 92, p. 156f)

„In the constellation of Aquarius, the new Christianity will be proclaimed in the future. Aquarius is also the one who will bring it, who was also already there: John the Baptist. He will also precede Christ later, when the sixth sub-race will have been founded.“ (Lit.:GA 93a, p. 63)

John the Baptist prefigured Christ Jesus in the middle of the fourth sub-race. Now, on the other hand, the individuality of the Master Jesus leads humanity over from the fifth to the sixth subrace - again towards John the Baptist, Aquarius.“ (Lit.:GA 266a, p. 124)

„The fifth root-race will be ruined by man through what is called evil. Then comes the sixth root-race. The fifth root-race is that which develops Manas on the physical plane. [...] The sixth sub-race will develop a super-psychic manas. [...] In the sixth sub-race there will be the disposition to overcome egoism, but in such a way that a balance is maintained between selfhood and selflessness. The human being of the sixth sub-race will neither lose himself outwardly, nor close himself inwardly.“ (Lit.:GA 93a, p. 229f)

In the Apocalypse of John, in the Epistle to the Church of Philadelphia, reference is made to this coming age of universal brotherly love.

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