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Water (Old Englishwæter; Old High German: wazzar "the moist, flowing", Proto-Germanic*watar; Indo-European: *wódr̥ or *wédōr; derived from Proto-Indo-European: *wed- "water", wet"; Greekὕδωρ hydor and derived from it hydr(o)-; Hebrewמַיִם majim, also יָם jam "sea"), the water element, is one of the classical four elements which, according to the occult view, build up the physical world. In the spiritual-scientific sense, water is first described as everything that is in a liquid or amorphous state. In this sense, amorphous solids such as glass are also attributed to the water element, even though they are often harder than some crystalline solids. Ice, as frozen crystalline water, does not belong to the water element, but to the earth element.