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Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)
Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge that wants to lead the spiritual in the human being to the spiritual in the universe.“

The aim of these pages

is to build up an encyclopedic presentation of the anthroposophical spiritual science developed by Rudolf Steiner. It is based on our German edition, which has been online for years and now contains more than 14,000 articles. It can be accessed via

Special attention is given to the practical applications of anthroposophy in various areas of life, as well as its relationship to other sciences, arts and spiritual traditions. Critical voices will also be given due space. Based on Rudolf Steiner's Collected Works (CW), we want to serve critics and proponents of anthroposophy alike for an open, source-oriented, scientifically sound and fruitful discussion. Our translations of Rudolf Steiner's texts are deliberately very close to the German original. For further research in the original texts, quotations from Rudolf Steiner's work are linked directly to available online editions of the CW in English and German.

Such a work can only come into being through the free collaboration of many enthusiastic and knowledgeable people. Our project is based on Wiki technology, which basically allows every expert to participate in the further development of these pages. Find out how to actively participate in AnthroWiki yourself and create or edit articles.

Email: We are very grateful for suggestions and tips on possible errors or content that appears questionable!

For your orientation

Second Goetheanum, western front (Dornach, Switzerland)

The development of the English version of AnthroWiki began in February 2021. Accordingly, only a few items are available at the moment. However, we are making every effort to quickly advance the development of AnthroWiki. It can be accessed via

Currently available are 2,862 articles and 933 images.

German edition

Our German edition with more then 14,000 articles can be accessed via


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Calendar of the Soul

Rudolf Steiner - Calendar of the Soul

Presented in English and German by the Rudolf Steiner Archive & e.Lib.