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The Dornach Building as a Landmark of Historical Development and Artistic Impulses for Transformation

Der Dornacher Bau als Wahrzeichen geschichtlichen Werdens und künstlerischer Umwandlungsimpulse

Five lectures, Dornach 10 to 25 October 1914 and a discussion of the carvings on the architraves in the First Goetheanum, Dornach 12 October 1914.

These lectures from the time of the construction of the First Goetheanum deal primarily with the sculptural forms of the column capitals and architraves of the large domed room in their correspondence to the spiritual and historical impulses in the evolution of humanity. Starting with the transformation of consciousness in the Homeric period, illustrated by the example of the "Iliad", the lectures will give a characterisation of various European folk souls and point out the tasks of cultures in the course of historical development. The lectures are supplemented by notes from a discussion of the carvings on the architraves of the large dome room. In another contribution, the artist Assja Turgenieff, who was involved in the interior design, draws a picture of the time in which the Gesamtkunstwerk of the First Goetheanum was created.



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