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Problems of Living Together in the Anthroposophical Society. On the Dornach crisis of 1915

Probleme des Zusammenlebens in der Anthroposophischen Gesellschaft. Zur Dornacher Krise vom Jahre 1915

With spotlights on Swedenborg's clairvoyance, views of Freudian psychoanalysis and the concept of love in relation to mysticism.

Seven lectures, Dornach 10 to 16 September 1915 and a documentation with two speeches, Dornach 21 and 22 August 1915.

Contents (selection)

Preconditions and conditions of living together in the Anthroposophical Society / The Anthroposophical Society as a living being / On the difficulties of penetrating the spiritual worlds using Swedenborg as an example / Freudian psychoanalysis, Swedenborg's gift of sight, sexuality and modern clairvoyance / Episodic reflection on the concept of love in its relationship to the concept of mysticism / The psychoanalytical world view in the light of spiritual-scientific knowledge of the human being



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