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The Mystery of the Trinity. Man and his Relationship to the Spirtual World in the Course of Time

Das Geheimnis der Trinität. Der Mensch und sein Verhältnis zur Geistwelt im Wandel der Zeiten

Eleven lectures, Dornach 23 July to 9 August 1922, Oxford 20, 22, 27 August 1922, London 30 August 1922.

Contents (selection)

The Buried Spiritual Life of the First Four Christian Centuries. Medieval and Modern Theology / Goethe's View of the Realms of Nature. The comprehension of plant forms, animal forms and the human I / Faith struggles of the Middle Ages as the basis for the modern schools of thought. / The fully conscious human ego and the mystery of the Trinity / Afterimages, thought-images and memories / Oswald Spengler's world view. The Meaning of the Machine Life of the Present / The Method of Supersensible Research. The Nature and Training of Meditation / Adam Kadmon. The Structure of the Human Form from the Constellations and Movements of the Stars / The Mystery of Golgotha as the Meaning of the Whole Being on Earth / Rhythmic Relations between Heaven and Earth.



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