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Anthroposophy as Cosmosophy - Part One: Characteristics of Man in the Earthly and Cosmic Realms

Man in his Connection with the Cosmos, Volume VII

Anthroposophie als Kosmosophie – Erster Teil: Wesenszüge des Menschen im irdischen und kosmischen Bereich

Der Mensch in seinem Zusammenhang mit dem Kosmos, Band VII

Eleven lectures, Dornach 23 September to 16 October 1921

Contents (selection)

Eastern and Western Culture in Spiritual Illumination / Christianity as a Resurrection Religion. The World of the Moon and the Sun / Basic Lines of an Occult Psychology / Man between the Realms of the Higher Hierarchies and the Realms of Nature / Past and Future in the Mood of Mind. The Conscience / Anthroposophy and Cosmosophy. The spirit of man and life after death / Goethe's characterisation of Shakespeare. The relationship of man to the group souls of animals / The past of higher beings and the spirit of man / The connection with the deceased. The philosopher Feuerbach. Richard Wagner / The senselessness of modern history. The Mystery of Golgotha



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