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Reflections on Contemporary History. The Karma of Untruthfulness - Part One. Cosmic and Human History, Volume IV

Zeitgeschichtliche Betrachtungen. Das Karma der Unwahrhaftigkeit – Erster Teil. Kosmische und menschliche Geschichte, Band IV

Thirteen lectures, Dornach 4 to 31 December 1916 and Basel 21 December 1916

Contents (selection)

Political Conditions in Europe. On the outbreak of war in 1914 / The so-called Testament of Peter the Great. Britishness and Romanism. Pan-Slavism / Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The Assassination at Sarajevo. The Archduke Rudolf / Murder as a political weapon. English and French imperialism / Thomas Moreʼ "Utopia". The unification of Italy. The Triple Alliance / The idea of the state in Germany. The founding of the Reich in 1871. The European alliance systems. The spiritual forces of the future in the various peoples / Christmas in fateful times / Mystery wisdom among the Ingevons. Baldur, Loki and Hödur. The Christmas and Easter Mysteries / The Occult in Modern History. The Reformation, the Thirty Years' War / Poisonous effects in social events. The spiritual background of the Opium War. The "social carcinoma". The healing power of poisons



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