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The Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature

Die geistigen Wesenheiten in den Himmelskörpern und Naturreichen

Ten lectures, Helsingfors 3-14 April 1912 (Cycle 21), and a public lecture: The Occult and Initiation, Helsingfors, 12 April 1912.

Contents (selection)

The Path to Seeing the Elementary Beings of Earth and Water / The Elementary Beings of Air and Fire. The work of the spirits of the circulating times / The Angeloi as guides of the individual human beings, Archangeloi as guides of the peoples, Archai as spirits of time. Their descendants are the nature spirits of the earth / First and second level of clairvoyance. Perceiving the second hierarchy, whose descendants are the group souls of plants and animals / Third level of clairvoyance: perceiving the first hierarchy. Their descendants are the spirits of the orbital periods / The work of the Luciferic spirits in the planetary. On the Teaching of Zarathustra / The Evolution of the Sun and the Fixed Stars. The Etheric Body of the Planetary System. On Comets / Further Details on the Work of Spiritual Beings in the Realms of Nature and the Celestial Bodies / Planets and Metals / Occultism and Initiation in the Past and Today.



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