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The East in the Light of the West

Der Orient im Lichte des Okzidents - Die Kinder des Luzifer und die Brüder Christi

Nine Lectures and a Reflection on the Goethe Celebration, Munich 23 to 31 August 1909 (Cycle 9)

Contents (selection)

The Mission of Spiritual Knowledge in the Light of the Occident / The First Four Stages of Western Initiation / Erinnyes and Eumenides. Saturnian, solar, lunar and terrestrial evolution and the four-membered human nature. The Christ Event / Indra. Jehovah. Christ / Indian, Persian, Greek world of gods. The Initiates of the Rose Cross / The Oedipus and Judas Saga / The Mysteries of Number. Jesus and Christ. Scythianus. Gautama Buddha. Zarathustra. Manes. The Legend of Barlaam and Jehoshaphat.



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