First hierarchy

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The first hierarchy comprises exalted spiritual beings who have the "immediate sight of the Godhead". They do not act out of themselves, but are the executors of the divine will. They reveal themselves outwardly in the creation of the world. What the beings of the first hierarchy bring forth remains in the world as something created, self-active, objective, even if they no longer connect themselves with it in their actions; this is not the case with the beings of subordinate hierarchies. The inner experience of the beings of the first hierarchy consists in creating other beings and in living in other beings. The Spirits of Rotation of Time are descendants of the first hierarchy.

To the first hierarchy belong:

Everything that can be developed within a planetary system, they had already developed before our planetary system existed. They were thereby enabled to work down from the zodiacal region to begin the development of our planetary system and to guide it through its seven stages of world evolution.