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Wolfgang Peter on 25 June 2022 before the performance of Rudolf Steiner's mystery drama "The Soul's Probation" at the Green Goetheanum in Germany.
Foto: Francois Hagdorn

If you would like to support us with a voluntary donation, we are very grateful. Any help, no matter how small, is most welcome. All donations received will, of course, be used for the sole purpose of providing AnthroWiki. Thanks to the donations we have received so far, we have been able to move AnthroWiki to a more powerful server.

Please transfer your valuable donation with the payment reference "AnthroWiki" to the following account:

Account holder: Wolfgang Peter Bank: Bank Austria
IBAN: AT221200050248097693 BIC: BKAUATWW
Country: Austria

Note: If the 8-digit BIC code is not accepted, it must be supplemented with XXX to 11 digits (BKAUATWWXXX).

or via

PayPal to the account Eva Peter-Culik set up for AnthroWiki with the following email address: or directly via
Donate now!

We thank you very much for the donations received!

With best regards

Wolfgang Peter
Ketzergasse 261/3
A-2380 Perchtoldsdorf
Phone: +43(1) 86 59 103
Mobile Phone: +43(676) 9 414 616