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The buddhi plane or shushupti plane is the world of providence, the world of foreseeing, for its essential task is to guide the world's development with providence (Greekπρόνοια pronoia; Latinprovidentia) from age to age according to the divine world plan. In the Christian context, one also speaks of the divine providence of the omnipotent and omniscient God.

However, one must not imagine the divine plan of creation as a finished "construction plan" of the world, in which all details are already fixed from the beginning in time and space. Rather, through its archetypal character, it opens up the appropriate framework for a continuous spontaneous creation out of nothing, from which the constantly renewed and also passing rich diversity of the created world springs. The buddhi plane is also called the world of archetypes or archetypal world, but it is not to be confused with the upper devachan, which is also called like this. On the buddhi plane is the highest source of all living development. It is the epitome of active creative life.


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