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Man had trance consciousness (also mineral consciousness, death-consciousness, all-consciousness) on Old Saturn when the physical body was first predisposed of his whole being. It is a very dull consciousness, duller even than our sleep consciousness of today, but of immense, universal breadth, encompassing the physical states of the whole cosmos. Only medially inclined people today can put themselves into this condition of consciousness. Naturally, crystalline minerals today have trance consciousness, which is why it is also called crystal consciousness.

The Earth as a whole has mineral consciousness and thus experiences cosmic events in thought:

„The Earth thinks with its consciousness the whole celestial space which initially belongs to the Earth. As we look out with our eyes at the trees, at the stones, so the Earth looks out with its consciousness into the celestial spaces and thinks everything that happens in the stars. The earth is a being that thinks about the processes of the stars.

So in the mineral consciousness the secret of the whole cosmos is basically contained as a thought. While we human beings walk over the Earth so superficially and think only about the stones we come across or about many other things that surround our senses, the Earth, with the consciousness we pass through as we walk through space, thinks about the cosmos outside. It truly has more comprehensive, greater thoughts than we do. And it is essentially tremendously uplifting to know: you are not merely walking through the air, you are walking through the thoughts of the Earth.“ (Lit.:GA 165, p. 93f)


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