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The Gospel of Luke

Das Lukas-Evangelium

Ten lectures, Basel 15 to 26 September 1909 (Cycle 10).

In these lectures, which deal primarily with the "prehistory of the great Christ event", Rudolf Steiner speaks for the first time in detail about the two boys Jesus in an internal circle. The lectures also show that the Gospel of Luke carries within it, as its innermost substance, the active power of love and compassion.

Contents (selection)

Initiates and clairvoyants / The influx of the Buddhist worldview into the Gospel of Luke / The confluence of the great spiritual currents of Buddhism and Zarathustra in Jesus of Nazareth. The Nathanian and the Solomonic Jesus Boy / The Mission of the Hebrew People / The Law of Sinai as the Last Preaching of the I / The Doctrine of Reincarnation and Karma and Christianity



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