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Mysticism at the Dawn of the Modern Age

Die Mystik im Aufgange des neuzeitlichen Geisteslebens und ihr Verhältnis zur modernen Weltanschauung (1901)

„What I present in this paper was previously the content of lectures which I gave in the Theosophical Library in Berlin last winter. I was invited by Countess and Count Brockdorff to speak on mysticism to an audience to whom the things are an important question of life. - Ten years ago I would not have dared to fulfil such a wish. Not as if the world of ideas I am expressing today did not live in me then. This world of ideas is already completely contained in my "Philosophy of Freedom". But in order to express this world of ideas as I do today, and to make it the basis of a reflection as it is done in this writing, something else is required than to be firmly convinced of its intellectual truth. It requires an intimate contact with this world of ideas, as only many years of life can bring. Only now, after I have enjoyed this contact, do I dare to speak as one will perceive in this writing.“ (Lit.:GA 7, p. 11)


Introduction / Meister Eckhart / Friendship with God / Cardinal Nicolaus von Kues / Agrippa von Nettesheim and Theophrastus Paracelsus / Valentin Weigel and Jacob Böhme / Giordano Bruno and Angelus Silesius / Conclusion



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