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Physiology and Healing: Treatment, Therapy, and Hygiene

Physiologisch-Therapeutisches auf Grundlage der Geisteswissenschaft. Zur Therapie und Hygiene

Twelve lectures, a vote, an address and two discussions with doctors, Dornach and Stuttgart 1920, 1922 to 1924.


Physiological therapy based on spiritual science (four lectures at the first anthroposophical university course, Dornach 1920) / Anthroposophical foundations for the art of medicine (four lectures for doctors, Stuttgart 1922) / On therapy (three lectures for anthroposophical doctors, Dornach 1923/24) / Hygiene as a social question (public lecture, Dornach 7.4.1924). Lecture, Dornach 7.4.1920) / A lecture "On Psychiatry" (Dornach 1920) / An address and two discussions at meetings of doctors (Dornach 1924)



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