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The Inner Nature of Man and the Life between Death and a New Rebirth

Inneres Wesen des Menschen und Leben zwischen Tod und neuer Geburt

Six lectures, Vienna 9 to 14 April 1914 (Cycle 32), with two preceding public lectures, Vienna 6 and 8 April 1914, and an address.

"This cycle of lectures will have the aim of describing the human inner life in connection with the life between death and a new birth, in order to show how intimately these two areas of existence are connected. And it will also have the aim of developing guidelines from the knowledge of what has been indicated, which can really orientate the human being in some difficult situations of life". (Rudolf Steiner)

Contents (selection)

The four circles of the human soul life and their forces in space / Stepping out of the disc in time / Phantoms and memory treasure / The transformation of cosmic wisdom into organising soul forces. The Will as Creative Power / Our Own Past as the External World



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