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From Akashic Research. The Fifth Gospel

Aus der Akasha-Forschung. Das Fünfte Evangelium

Eighteen lectures given in various cities in 1913 and 1914. With notebook entries and a manuscript facsimile (cycle 38).

In his series of lectures on the four Gospels, Rudolf Steiner gave his listeners deep insights into the spiritual content of these revelatory contents. In the course of this lecture activity, there were also presentations of spiritual-scientific research results on the actual historical life of Jesus of Nazareth up to the baptism of the Jordan. Rudolf Steiner called these research results the "Fifth Gospel".

After an intense inner struggle to verify the exact nature of these events, and having checked the results of his research, Steiner described many detailed episodes from the akashic record. For example, he speaks of Jesus’ life in the community of the Essenes, the temptation of Christ in the wilderness, and a significant, previously unreported conversation between Jesus and Mary.

Steiner states that divulging such spiritual research is intensely difficult, but that “although people show little inclination to be told such facts as these, it was absolutely essential that knowledge of such facts should be brought to Earth evolution at the present time.”

Contents (overview)

Childhood and youth experiences of Jesus of Nazareth - His deep suffering of knowledge due to the drying up of the old great spiritual currents - The revelation of the macrocosmic Lord's Prayer - The relationship to the Essaeans and to John the Baptist - Experiences on the way to the baptism of the Jordan.


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