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Macrocosm and Microcosm

Makrokosmos und Mikrokosmos

The big and the small world. Questions of the Soul, Questions of Life, Questions of the Spirit

Eleven lectures, Vienna 21-31 March 1910, with a preceding public lecture, Vienna 19 March 1910, with notebook entries for 2 lectures (facsimile) (Cycle 11).

Two different paths of initiation - the path of mystical immersion and the path of ecstasy - are described in these lectures and at the same time the dangers associated with these paths are presented.

Contents (selection)

The human cycle through the world of the senses, the soul and the spirit (public lecture) / The sleeping and the waking human being in his relationship to the planets / The inner path of the mystic. Experiencing the cycle of the year / The human soul forces and their correspondences in the cosmos / The guidance of the disciple in the Osiris and Isis Mysteries / Initiation experiences in the Nordic Mysteries / The four realms of the higher worlds / Sensory perceptions and the nervous system as a reflection of macrocosmic connections. Symbols of the Rosicrucians / Transformation of soul forces and stages of development of physical organs.



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