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From the Picture-Script of the Apocalypse of John

Aus der Bilderschrift der Apokalypse des Johannes

Recordings by participants of four lectures, Munich 22 April to 15 May 1907, and twelve lectures, Kristiania (Oslo) 9 to 21 May 1909. Published as a supplement to the lectures "The Apocalypse of John", Nuremberg 1908 (GA 104).

This volume contains summaries of the contents of two further series of lectures Rudolf Steiner gave on the Apocalypse of John. They supplement the Nuremberg lectures (see GA 104) with additional important aspects on the subject.


The Apocalypse as a Representation of Christian Initiation / The First and Second Seals / The Letters to the Seven Churches / The Seven Seals and Their Revelation / The Evolution of Man and Earth. The twenty-four elders and the sea of glass / The mystery of Golgotha / The woman clothed with the Sun. The beast with the seven heads and ten horns / The seven states of consciousness, life and form. The pouring out of the bowls of wrath / The number 666, Sorat, the Sun demon. The Fall of Babylon and the Marriage of the Lamb. The New Jerusalem. Michael overcomes the dragon / The first and the second death / The origin of the Apocalypse.



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